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Large enterprises that focus on extensive geographies often have operations that share information between multiple departments and offices across vast areas. Many have digitized their internal processes and are now using geospatial technology tools to get one overview of their data coming from sensors, physical infrastructure, markets, etc. We have solved complex problems for these enterprises in different ways.

Software design, development, testing and deployment are important aspects of customizing COTS. ML Infomap has a team of software engineers to address all aspects of software programming.


Collection or distribution of products is an essential function and important cost component of many businesses. It can be a very demanding logistic exercise in rural India where transport is possible only along specific routes and communication links can be weak. Besides, the local transport network and burgeoning hamlets may not even be represented on any map. So, modelling the geographical area, showing a company’s collection and distribution points, are the beginning of IT interventions to help staff plan and monitor collection and distribution, while sitting in their office. We have successfully created the most detailed transport network for rural districts and algorithms to represent FMCG product distribution for companies like ITC and for milk collection co-operatives.


This case study ' Transportation: A Successful Geospatial Solution Case Study ' appeared in the FICCI publication `Geospatial Technologies in India: Select Success Stories’, 2017. It is a use case of IOCL, a fortune 500 company. GIS related services and solutions.


SALES FORCE AUTOMATION Mobile handset distribution in India is a challenging business. Distribution is characterized by large numbers of SKUs available in the market, high inventory carrying costs and highly competitive landscape. In this scenario, the access to relevant and timely information to the management for decision-making becomes critical. To ensure this to happen, ML Infomap undertook an automation project for a mobile handset distributor. More.

World Vision India is a preeminent Non Government Organistion working in the SOCIAL sector. It is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of children within communities. To this end they work across one hundred and fifty districts of India and collect various local data for assessing the level of achievements of ongoing projects. For effective monitoring, it was necessary for WVI to remove the time lag associated with conventional methods of field data capture, particularly from rural areas. ML Infomap proposed a Systems Integration approach and ICT methods for dynamic/online data capture based on mobile devices and enabled near real time update, analysis and reporting of the data. More.

ML Infomap develops IT/GIS solutions for DEFENCE. All armies must be battle ready and to that end provide training to soldiers to run battle scenarios in a virtual environment. Digital models of battles are integrated to GIS so that battlefield terrain can be visualized and the results of wargaming are improved.

For the TELECOM sector, we have undertaken design, development and implementation of a Daily Progress Report (DPR) portal to monitor trenching and ducting of fiber layout in 23 circles across India, including 5 metro cities: Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata. In another project, we developed map server application for RF planning, fiber network planning, operations, maintenance, sales and marketing for 19 circles of a telecom network. More

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